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Discussion in 'On Topic' started by Pineapple Devil, Jan 30, 2005.

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    I dont know what it is. I've gained a very smart-ass and mean attitude when it comes with dealing with people. I cant say that its as heavy in my personal life as it is when I'm at work, but its definately present. I work at Cingular by the way. The smallest things that happen to me piss me off too.

    When I'm at work, i get really frustrated with people that dont listen. For instance a woman was talking to me today and she asked me what rate plan she had so i looked it up and told her. Then, not 2 minutes later she asked me again. To which I replied, "like i said, you're on a 39.99 plan." A simple 39.99 would have sufficed but for some reason I give answers like that all the time. I wouldnt say that I get an attitude with people, but I talk in just a straight monotone voice and I'm not very personable to them. In actuality I'm a VERY personable person.

    I dont know if it has to do with the fact that I cant say that I have anything to be happy about in life or not. My family gets on my nerves most of the time, I dont have a girl to cheer me up, school is going great and I work out to relieve stress. Its not b/c I havent been laid lately either b/c its only been a week.

    I would like to see a professional about all of this but I dont have insurance.

    Any words?
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    You talk in a straight monotone voice at work because you understand the process and you have a certain confidence. I think most of us can gravitate to this type of mentality if we are on top of our work. Still, It would help if you started the day thinking...I will try to be kind and understanding of the people I come in contact with today. This won't work all the time, but I think that you will see an improvement.
    You can get this classic used for $2.25 at Amazon. I think it could be useful in your situation.

  3. I think you're having a hard time managing your frustration like a lot of people, and it builds up and comes out in ways you'd prefer that it didn't. Having an outlet and managing stress and frustration aren't easy always, but I think you'll find what you're looking for by asking questions like this. I really don't have any advice, but I do understand what you're talking about.

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