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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by blinka, Mar 31, 2008.

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    I use Connect360 (great program btw) to stream video/music/photos from my iMac to my Xbox 360 across my home wireless. Everything has worked great thus far, with the exception of streaming/playing mp4 HD files. They show up on the Xbox 360, but fail to play when I try to access them (error message coming up saying invalid format). However, according to the Xbox site, the .mp4 container is supported. So this leads me to believe that while the container is supported, the actual encoded video/audio within the container is not.

    Are there any mac (OS X v10.5.2) programs out there that can analyze my mp4 files and tell me what/how they were encoded so I can start to figure out what the issue may be here?

    Has anyone else successfully streamed mp4 (HD?) files from their mac to a 360?

    Thanks in advance.
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    i don't know of anything that will analyze a file for codecs (would have probably saved me a lot of time if i had)

    but i for the purposes of streaming i run everything through VisualHub now. i'm sure you could set it to retain the original file's resolution.

    there's a free version - isquint - but i used it so much that i found Visualhub to be totally worth it.

    i currently just use mp4 files with h.264 encoding and everything works fine. you can switch back and forth between .mp4 and m4v filenames in case itunes is giving you a problem but streaming seems to work fine for me w/ the xbox.

    my workflow is - for DVD's i use MacTheRipper then Handbrake at mp4,h.264,dolbysurround.
    for everything else i use visualhub on mp4, h.264, highest quality settings.

    i am having a weird problem with the ps3, though, where some mp4's work and some don't - even though they were all encoded with the same software on the same settings.

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