SRS In relation to 2009; I present you, a whole new me.

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    Well, I've damn well had enough of pretending Im going to get to things and don't. So this year, my resolution, which I'm only sharing with OT, is to be a new me by 2009.

    I have a few habits I'm kicking, and a few activities I'll be starting again. Here's a quick list, kind've a reality check to myself. This thread is to just give myself some inspiration, and anytime I start to fall down, I can look at this and hopefully pick myself back up.

    What I want to do with myself

    -I stopped being adventerous, I want to start being spontaneous again. Many 'mini' trips are in store for 2009, and weekend getaways at least once a month. Nothing expensive or extraordinary, just enjoying some quality time with myself and the wonderful things in New England.

    -The gym. I used to be SO in shape. Shoulders, chest, stomach, toned, not so much anymore. I maybe gained about 10lbs. in 2008, but, I lost all my tone. I'm going to get that all back. My routine starts Monday.

    -Smoking. I smoke both pot as well as stoges. I'm quitting the cigs as of yesterday, been dry since (boy do I want one :nono:). Pot is a small part of my life that I actually do enjoy. Some might debate this, some might agree, however I feel when used responsibly, weed isn't as bad as it cracked up to be. However, I will and have already cut down the intake of that.

    -Socialism. I'm the 'life' of the party and genuinely 'the funny guy'. That's not going to change. Im going to advertise myself more to those I don't know, in hopes to befriend them. And to those I know I'd like to strengthen my relationship more so with them.

    Will edit, leaving office.

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    Keep us updated on how it goes through the year.

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