In the movie Se7en... What was done to the "Sloth" Victim?

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by bimmer318, Oct 25, 2005.

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    This bothers me every time I see this move. I can figure out how the others die but not how that guy dies.

    The doctor gives a pretty graphic description but then again he uses metaphors and I can't seem to make it out. Does anyone know?
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    was it the fat guy? or the very thing guy? no, he was still alive... *scratches head*

    edit: it was the thin guy, wasnt it?! well, he was handcuffed to the bed for a year and starved... almost... at least as far as i know.

    ok, i found that:

    John Doe simply strapped him to the bed for a very long time, keeping him alive while his body wasted away. Even though Victor isn't dead, the smell would probably be pretty horrendous - he won't have washed for a year and parts of him would start to decompose, hence the need for the air fresheners, to avoid the stench drawing unwelcome attention prematurely. The psychological effect on Victor would be horrific - trapped, unable to move, at the total mercy of a lunatic, fed only enough to keep him just above the point of death. There would have been no mental stimulation at all, except to wait in fear for Doe's next visit - Victor's mind would have snapped long before he was found. His body was alive, barely, but any capacity for rational thought would be long gone. Victor was the Sloth victim, hence the method of killing him by trapping him in a bed. Exactly what he'd done, we don't know - it may simply be that he was extremely lazy
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