in the setup where you raid your comp for speed, i heard can be risky

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  1. like u can burn out your disks or something. has this problem been fixed ?

    can you raid your computer and overclock it ? (w/ water cooling)
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    you're probally refering to raid 0, which takes two drives and splits the data across both...therefore in theory twice as fast to write/read sinc eit can do 2 drives simultaniously

    but if one fails, you can imagine what happens

    theres no burning out of disks, theres 1 drive failing, and end user crying over lost dataz

    yes you can raid your DRIVES and overclock your PC...with water or phase cooling, dont mater
  3. is there anything better than the x6800 yet ?

    this is a quote from newegg
    "If u want the best gaming machine on the planet wait till december and spend the same for 2 fx 74's that will blow this thing away by bout 30-50% it has a 90% increase in performance over the fx62 in 3dmark."

    ... does he mean buy two processors and have quad core? and will both of those together actually be the same price as the x6800?
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