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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Skoles, Jun 9, 2006.

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    ...if you could toss a drive in a newer Mac (or through FW like I did), install 10.4.1 and update it to 10.4.6, and then throw it in an ass-old model and have it run can.

    I got a G3 from my coworker for free months ago. Just sat until I found a good deal on the new logic board it needed and a CPU bump. Got both off eBay for ~$75 total (400mhz w/a rev.2 board and some RAM). My only problem is it seems to be finicky with accepting the new CPU. Sometimes it boots fine, sometimes nothing but a black screen. Right now it appears to be running fine (it's just streaming iTunes music). It seriously needs more RAM as I think the 418mb isn't cutting it. :) I have a few coworkers who might have some old sticks of 512 around.

    Right now tho, it runs better than my parents PIII 500mhz running Win2k. Much snappier in most areas, but laggy in others. It does crash a lot when running/opening the Sys Pref or Disk Util. I'm hoping it's just a RAM issue as I want a simple replacement for my parents dying PC and a little "taste" of the Mac side.

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