Info on Artist (something) Freedman Played on Sirius Vinyl Rock

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by xaium, Jul 20, 2004.

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    My friend was listening to Sirius Sat. radio and said he heard an artist name (something) Freedman on a Sirius station called "Vinyl Rock". Said the guy sounded a lot like the style of guitar I play. I tried googling, but didn't have any luck. The only thing I found was something about Isreali music which obviously wasn't it. The title of the song had the word "feel" in it. That's all the info I had, and I'd really like to hear this guy if it resembles my playing. Hopefully OT can help!!?
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    Megadeath on a "Vinyl rock" station? No, I know who Marty Friedman is. I think we're talking about 60's here, but thanks for the suggestion.

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