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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by titleist123, Aug 20, 2002.

  1. titleist123

    titleist123 Guest

    I posted earlier on this forum how my DAV-S300 reciever/dvd got robbed from me a few months ago. I got left with satelittes and a sub.

    Right now, my goal is to just by components...seperate DVD, seperate receiver. However, I ran into a problem. After picking out my reciever and dvd player, I already hit my budget. I had planned to use my sony satelittes and the sub.

    But here's the problem. The sub uses speaker wire, and not an rca cable. SO obiously I can't seamlessly hook it into the preout for sub on the reciever.

    Is there a product out there that can convert this for me?
    Is there a tutorial on how to perform this mod?

    (the salesman said the only way would be to purchase an amp, but that's not an option right now.)

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    If the sub does not have its own power connection, then it is relying off of an external amp. In that case you will need an amplifer for that. BUT, I honestly do not think that would be the best route to go. I would rather save up a little bit of money and buy a sub which has an amp built in. Some go pretty cheap and sound decent. I woudl think it wouldn't be worth investing in your current sub.

    I would definitly call up sony and explain your situation and see if they have any outlet stores near by. Sony does make self amped subs.
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    Well you have some options. First, yes you can hook your old bass module to your new reciever. I strongly reccomend against doing this though, for several reasons. First, unless the subwoofer is a dual voice coil model, which I doubt, you can only hook it up to one amplifier channel. This means there will be an unbalanced load, and one side will have an entirely different impedence set for the amplifier to see. Not so good. Also, you will only get either the R or L channel's bass. So, unless you have a DVC model, I REALLY do not reccomend going this route.

    If the bass module is DVC, you can still hook it up, but you will have to buy passive crossover components. This is not so good because you will probably need 30 dollars ore more worth of components. Also, you get ~ 3dB power loss due to the passive components. With the speakers impedence varing significantly in the crossover region designing a proper one is a hit or miss without measurement software. I don't reccomend doing this either.

    Your last option, which is what I STRONGLY reccomend you doing, is buy an external amplifier to power the Bass Module. You can get them as low as 60 dollars from . They have around 40 or 50 watts of power output and include a low pass filter, which is required for a subwoofer.

    Now, I will be honest with you, that Bass Module is probably not worth upgrading. If you really are satisfied with its performance and sound quality, then I would buy an amplifier for it. But otherwise, I would start saving up for a better unit.

    How much are you spending on your DVD player and Reciever?
  4. titleist123

    titleist123 Guest

    I found a $300 receiver at Bestbuy I like, and a $200 DVD player.

    Aint in the best in the world... but I'm still in my 20's and on a college budget.

    btw, thanks for the tips man...:)
  5. 04

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    I am sure your setup will work fine. I too know how hard this is, as I am also on a college budget.

    If you are truly looking into good quality components, I would do it this way. First, start out with your reciever and DVD player that you are going to get. Make sure you like them, because you probably wont upgrade them for quite a while. Then I would say to spend the next amount of money on a good pair of stereo speakers. Then later on add stuff like a subwoofer and center channel, surrounds, etc. That way, you can do it one step at a time, instead of having to spend a boatload of cash all at once.
  6. titleist123

    titleist123 Guest

    well, while I got your attention,,, I was thinking about breaking down and getting another home theater package. Mainly, I'm thinking about the DAV-C770

    It has the majority of the featuers of the reciever I was looking at and the dvd player. And it only puts out 10 watts less than the reciever as well.

    Of course, I can almost predict your response... "You should invest in components, so you can build upon them later".

    The components I was looking at are:


    DVD-P721M or DVP-NS715P

    Well, let me know if you have any thoughts.
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