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    Basically I have been cursed with insomnia for years now, probably since about 97 about half way through my enlistment in the marine corps. I have talked to my doctor about it many many times, and he had me try several anxiety meds stating they would help with the insomnia issue, to which they had no effect. Then he had my try lunesta which worked ok for about a week and then literally had no effect on me at all. Now I have no clue what to do and have given up on the thought of ever having a nice full night of sleep again.

    As of right now some nights I sleep, and if I do sleep its at most 3 or 4 hours and thats not 3 or 4 hours of continuous sleep. Its more of a sleep 20 minutes here and then wake up and toss and turn and stare at the ceiling and then maybe passing out for another 15 minutes or 40 minutes and then waking up again and tossing and turning and that goes on for the entire night. In fact, I cant remember when I have actually slept a full night without waking up at least 4 or 5 times. Sometimes I dont sleep at all at night, just lay there tossing and turning and I finally get up and watch tv or surf the net.

    Since my doc hasnt helped me much at all I have attempted to work it out myself. I only go to sleep when I am tired, still doesnt work. I have drank myself into a stupor in hopes of it helping me sleep, no worky. I have taken prescription pain meds to help me sleep, no worky. I have taken pain meds along with drinking to help me sleep, no worky.

    I just wish I could sleep :sadwavey:
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    you are having no luck with that docter, it is best for you to stop taking medication that won't work at all, your best option is to stop using steroids and carry heavy loads during the day so that in the end you will be weary and tired in a natural way, stop curving and worrying in your bed just think 'i am laying down and i am satisfied with that' if an occasion turns out in which you are not tired enough then its a happy oppertunity since you are already staring at the ceiling to train your aura , get this book reading this book, and its exersises are very tiresome (not kidding). I am asking you to push thru it, even tho it seems a little strange i am sure you will fall asleep reading a few pages of it. :wavey:

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