Installed a factory BT module in my G5...

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by skolen, Mar 19, 2007.

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    Bought one of the Bluetooth cards off eBay and just got it today. Thing was a lot smaller than I thought. Every seller I asked doesn't include the screws for some reason so it's held in place by the slot it clips into and some foam tape.

    Anyone have access to those tiny screws used and maybe the barrell antenna that goes with it? I don't think my tower came with one (it had the Airport one, which I used for my eBay AP card)? It's not going anywhere as it is now, but I don't want it to be some shitty install either.

    Install took ~15min. Mostly because the power cables for the fan & speaker are a PITA to put back in. I used this How-To as a guide:

    Oh, does anyone know what that device in the photos below the BT module? I noticed I have an extra cable in that area too and it seems to go to that.
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    Yea, stumbled upon them. They specialize in the *book Macs.

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