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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by shantz, Apr 8, 2003.

  1. shantz

    shantz Guest

    i have 2 phat 12's that i can no longer use in my car - due to lack tereof - is there anyway i can hook them up in my house and run them through my home stereo?
    they have a sony amp 400W that is attached to the box - if it can be used too that would be saweet - otherwise im content with just being able to wire the speakers to an existing home amplifier
  2. 04

    04 Guest

    You can hook them up to your home stereo yes. To use the car amplifier, however, you will need a 12v power source such as a bench power supply or a car battery and charger in your house. The power supplies are so expensive, it is probably easier to buy a plate subwoofer amp from that is designed for home use.

    Why can't you use them in your car?
  3. Pimp Cat

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    i have two old IMPPs 12s pluged into my home receiver. bumps pretty damn good!!

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