installing ubuntu on powermac g4

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by TNFlyBoy, Apr 25, 2007.

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    so i got a powermac g4, monitor, keyboard, and mouse for 75 today... thought it was a pretty good deal. anyway, it doesn't have the operating system on it (at least that's what i think it means when the folder with a question mark comes up on start up). how would i create a bootable disk in osx tiger with ubuntu on it to install it on the powermac? i have the .iso downloaded, just can't seem to burn it to a disk so it will work on startup
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    from tiger:

    open disk util, make sure a cd is in the slot

    and drag and drop your PPC_ubuntu.iso image into disk util

    select the .iso and click burn image

    burn that baby, and put it in ur powerbook g4

    boot it up while holding the 'C' key and follow the instructions, ur good to go

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