Installing XP (problems with Vista)

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    I foolishly installed Windows Vista RC2 Build 4755 on my computer and overwrote my XP installation (along with all my files, long story) I didn’t mind because I had stuff backed up. Vista is fine no problems so far except the fact that NVIDIA drivers don’t work very well (sometimes not at all) with Windows Vista. I have tried older versions of drivers, registry tweaks to no avail. So I am left with one choice make a partition on my HDD (about 30GB or so of my 120GB) but the snag is that PartitionMagic and Partition Manager are not compatible with Windows Vista (I am not trying the Compatibility Wizard either).

    I found an alternative in Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management > Disk Management. I make a 30GB partition, reboot my PC with the XP disc installed and it unpacks everything, creates the file system (NTFS, which takes about 50 minutes) but when Windows is installed and the computer reboots it gets stuck at the “Verifying DMI Data Pool” screen and won’t budge.

    Even when I tell the computer to boot from HDD-1 it still doesn’t load past this screen and I eventually have to boot from my Vista CD and then repair my installation. When Vista loads up then the partition is visible in My Computer and there is a “WINDOWS” directory but nothing else. I have used a legit copy of XP and the “Barely Naked” version and the same problem crops up with both installs.

    I’ve been told its possible to install XP on the same logical drive as Vista but its not advised so I am not going to attempt faith.

    What am I doing wrong?

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