MIL Instead of giving us bonuses and scaring us...

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by GochuBoy, May 31, 2005.

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    ...for re-enlisting, they should kick out or shape up all the bad leaders that don't look out for their Joes. People should want to reenlist 'cause they like any branch of the DOD instead 'cause they get a big bonus.

    I didn't reenlist 'cause 90% of my leaders sucked a fat dick. I'm not a shit bag or nothing either. It seems like "now-a-days" no NCO is willing to stick your neck out for anyone. Even when you do bend over backwards for them. Thats why I will beat my son's ass if he ever wants to join any branch of DOD either enlisted or as an officer.
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    Bro, you have the same attitude I had and to some extent still have. No matter where you go or where you are in the service you're always going to have people that will in essence shit on thier guys to get ahead.

    Only thing you can do is not follow that example when you get to that same level of leadership. I've pretty much built my career on being completely honest and truthful no matter what the situation and that in the long run (though not always the best career enhancing) earned the respect of my peers.

    I'll say something that has stuck with me throughout my short time in the Navy and give you a little back story on it first...

    When I was in C school (I guess that's like tech school or whatever for most other services, in the navy it's like after you get classified in a rating for me take it FC-Fire Controlman, it's the school of the system you're going to be working on.) this bit of advice stuck with me and it was by my class councilor an E-6 at the time, now he's an 0-3E.

    "It doesn't matter in the service if you get advanced or not. What matters is the people working under you get advanced as a direct result of your teaching and upbrining of them. You bring enough people up and on your level it's hard for you not to get noticed as a leader."

    I know that may not be a life shattering thing for you, but it was for me. In no way are you going to change the way everything works in the service, however you will make a direct and long lasting impact on where you are right now if you strive to bring the people below you up to where you are.

    little buzzed don't know if that made much sense but take it as you will...
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    the places in between
    :werd: for God's honest truth.

    Two life-long lessons I learned in the military:
    1. YOU are the common denominator, no matter where you go or what you do. If life is always shitty, you need only look in the mirror for the reason. Don't blame the world when the answer is you.
    2. If you are a supervisor/manager, in addition to whatever other responsibilities you may have, you have a full-time responsibility to help your subordinates get to where they want to go with their careers. Anything less and you might as well be one of the assholes you hated when you were at the bottom of the pile.

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