GUN Interesting article about Glock in this week's Businessweek

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    This week's BusinessWeek has a pretty interesting article about Glock. Here's a link to the online version:

    Since it is BusinessWeek it focuses on the company's financial dealings. Some pretty shady stuff going on, with shell companies, embezzlement, secret accounts, etc.

    But in reading it I did come away with the impression that Gaston Glock is a genius. Basically the dude ran a company that made shovels. He learned that the Austrian army was going to be in the market for a new sidearm, and started designing a new weapon. In 2 years he won the contract, beating out several well established manufacturers.

    He also came up with the idea to market to US Law enforcement, which would drive consumer sales.

    Other interesting stuff: Profit margin for Glock pistols is about 68%. Company is under investigation for allegedly skimming about $20 per pistol through foreign entities (avoiding US tax).

    In 1999 Gaston Glock's business partner tried to have him executed. The hitman attacked Glock and hit him in the head with a rubber mallet, "a techique apparently aimed at making it look like the victim had fallen down and fatally injured himself. Glock, physically fit from daily swimming...fought back. When police arrived the hitman was unconcious"

    Anyways, good read. Some of Glock's business dealings are shady, but Gaston Glock himself is pretty damn impressive. :bowdown:
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    The more I've gotten to know the inner workings of businesses over the years the more I've come to believe they're all as shady as fuck.

    Glock's tactics are no doubt great. They may not be the #1 favorite in police tests but they are by far the cheapest and get picked up.

    Also, who sends a 67 year old assassin?
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    It's the tax code that is shady as fuck. Companies are just playing the game.

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