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Discussion in 'Vaginarium' started by Dark Knight, Sep 11, 2005.

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    Because I'm so very sure that the whole 'internet dating' issue has never come up.


    So, yeah, there's this girl. Which, I suppose, isn't too uncommon. We met a few months ago or so on a mutual message board, and hit it off. We took the chatting to AIM, and we talk nearly every day.

    She's incredible. Literally incredible. I've seen her picture, and yes, she's a hottie, but that's not why. She sets me on intellectual fire. We'll spend hours talking about poetry and literature and art and science and all that good stuff. She's smart enough that I feel retarded talking to her, and I love that. And, in the same vein, we'll sometimes spend hours just trading jokes, or messing with each other.

    We've talked on the phone twice, but neither was a huge deal. The first time was basically twenty minutes of silence, because I had been planning to leave a witty message on her voicemail and didn't expect her to pick up. The second time was a three way call with a mutual friend, and she was still pretty quiet while he and I geeked out about comics and stuff, until the conversation shifted more to jobs, and then to poetry. (I know she didn't mind about the geeking out, though, because she'd asked me a couple of times for long, in-depth comic character histories, which I was more than happy to provide.)

    A few weeks ago, she admitted to having a crush on me. Needless to say, I was shocked, because of how few women have ever, like, liked me. I told her I felt the same.

    Weeeeee! Happy, right? Yay us!

    Not so much.

    Nothing else has come up. Like, at all.

    I mean, we still talk and all that jazz, but nothing..... *changed*. We haven't spoken of it again, and now I'm wondering if there was somethins I *should* have said. Or should be saying.

    I've confided in our mutual friend (who's been one of, if not the, my best friends for a couple of years now), and he says, from what I tell him, she's a lot more, um, open in conversation with me. Like, when she talks with other people, she's guarded and won't talk about herself, but with me she'll talk about her family and future plans and stuff.

    So now, I'm lost. The last time a girl liked me, and the only time I ever had a serious girlfriend, she took the initiative, so I lazied my way through the "courtship". I have no idea how to pursue something more without coming off like a needy bitch.

    And this is *after* she says she has a crush on me.

    So, yeah.

    Should I go for something? Should I bite through my numerous insecurities and ask her what's up, and how should I put it? Or should I let it go, because a crush is a crush?

    I know most of the responses will likely be along the vein of "Fuck insecurities. Go for it.". I guess I just need to, like, *hear* it from some impartial observers.

    Thanks for reading through my personal issues. And I appreciate whatever honest responses I can get.

    Cliff Notes: So, typical story. Boy meets girl. On the internet. Boy falls for girl. On the internet. Girl falls for boy. On the internet. Boy's not sure how to go about things. On the- yeah, you get it.
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    Aug 9, 2005
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    I only read the cliffs.

    Go hang out with her see wht happens.
  3. Coco Monkey

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    well does she live on the other side of the world, or just in the town next to you. i mean, seriously, you should get out of your moms basement, and explore this possibility. what do you have to lose??

    continue the phone conversations, cause phone convo's are much more personal then IMs. ONCE you graduate from the IM convos to the phone convos, you can start focusing on your next move. Asking her out for coffee!! :noes: if you dont drink coffee, then maybe somewhere else thats neutral and non-threatening.

    You're gonna have to get yourself together here and do something if you want to see any results. From the way i see it, the ball's in your court.
  4. JordanClarkson

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    Oct 11, 2002
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    Well you have to take the initiative. If a girl tells you that she's into you, she wants you to recognize that. Make a date with her. If she's far away, tell her to come visit you. If she's poor, go visit her. It sounds like you two would hit it off. And it sounds like you really like her, so just go for it. Don't wait for her to make a move though. I mean she sort of already has and now it's your turn.
  5. dfekt

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    Jul 8, 2005
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    if you 2 can hit it off online and talk like youve known each other for years then i dont see why that cant happen in RL or the phone. i think she just needs some time to adjust. theres nothing wrong with internet dating at all, its a very common way to meet interesting people and even life long partners. not everyone on the internet is a geek or ugly! :rofl:

    theres just something about the internet...the depersonilization perhaps that gives ppl a lot more confidence. just work with her, try and implement that same confidence into a face to face confrontation. go slow, she will adjust slowly, and youve said yourself, she shares many interests as you, shes hot, shes great etc. dont throw it away so easily.
  6. quid

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    ask her out
  7. R.Kelly

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    Trapped in the Closet
    internet dating ftl.

    Unless you are bateman
  8. skitcy

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    Internet dating = no

    Meeting over the internet then becoming friends for a SHORT ( perma friendzone sucks ) time then dating = yes.
  9. jdm-cd5

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    why wont u just go out with her you fuck mook

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