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  1. Hello.

    Im a 23 yr old DJ from Gloucester and I Run an Internet Radio Station On Stroud Road, and we have been set up since February this year as a non profit organisation.

    We have a large studio, which is open to the public for You to Dj On, Dj classes, Dj Sets broadcasted over our Radio, Excellent Studio Dj Facilities, Mixdowns for audio production and music software sequencing help in Cubase, Fruity Loops, Soundforge, Adobe Audition and more, so if your a Dj or Producer Or are interested in this as a Hobby or Music Career and want to have a look round please get in touch.

    You can check our website for profiles, listening in Live and chat, and my own site which now had over 600 people registered chatting from Local and International areas.

    If you are a Dj, or know anyone who is a Dj, or want a mini disc of your music showcased on our station, or would like to sponsor us, or advertise with us, please email me back [email protected] or sign up to the forums and leave me a message.

    Thanks for your time.


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