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    My dad was complaining about some weird delays he was experiencing using the free wired internet access at an Omni hotel in Boston. He said that regular pages would come up no problem, but secure sites would have a long delay. He said that after using them for a while, the secure sites would speed up to normal.

    I couldn't explain why it would be laggier with secure sites. My feeling is that it is probably nothing, like maybe he was just visiting the sites during peak hours or something. On the other hand, I know that hotel access is more complex than our cable modem + router... for one thing there is some kind of proxy that you have to accept terms of service before it grants you internet access.

    The only thing that came to mind is how corporate networks will sometimes set things up so that secure connections are decrypted and re-encrypted at the firewall for content filtering or whatever, and that would add some overhead... But I thought that kind of setup took a lot of pre-configuration (exchanging certificates and whatever) and wouldn't be used for guest access at a hotel.

    I guess the question is... Is it safe to use secure websites on hotel ethernet connections? (wireless issues aside)

    PS, I showed my dad the security details window so that he can examine the certificate details next time he is curious.

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