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Discussion in 'On Topic' started by RX8Shinka, Oct 19, 2005.

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    My seasonal job as manager has ended for this season, so decided to return to college. I found out that I have enough credits to start an internship so I promptly found one. Problem is it requires 120hours (non paid) between now and December 9th. And the facility is 50 miles away (I cringe about driving there in the snow). This job won't leave me enough time to find another paying job since I am taking other classes. I won't have any money to survive (if i do, it's the bare minimum) which will make the holidays really suck since I am such a giving person...

    I don't know what to do. I've worked so hard in college so far but I can't afford to not work... I am thinking about dropping all this and re-taking it in January. I don't want to spunge off my family at 26yrs old...that's pathetic. Any advice here?
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    well 120 hours / 8 = 15 days.
    120 hours /12 = 10 days.

    :sad2: i mean, i personally think you just have to swallow this workload in order to get to a higher goal.

    if its only like 4 hours a day, i would try to find a part time job. Its really about you building a bridge over this time span in orde to achieve higher goals.

    Bring yourself a notepad and starting thinking a construction which uses the hours as building blocks in order to overbridge this period with a minimum on wage loss. Isn't there a form of scholarship that applies to your situation? Along with some snowchains for your carwheels. :sad2:

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