iPod Shuffle for the win...

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Skoles, Jun 9, 2005.

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    We had a major server crash Monday (and still in effect as of writing this) and lost access to all the files stored on it. After about 2 days the techs got it temporarily accessible through the IP address so we can at least d/l the files to our desktops & work from there. But since none of the computers could communicate w/each other we had to still get the files from our computers out to the large format printers. We were dead in the water with our collective thumbs up our asses.

    I had my Shuffle on me because we couldn't do work for the first day so I just was relaxing to music. But once we found out we could get some basic work done the Shuffle became the sole means of transporting $3k+ jobs out to the printers to be printed & delivered on time.

    I hope this reflects well for me come review time. :)
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    imagine what you could have done if you'd had an iPod Photo!!!11

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