iPod worked fine, sync'd fine, apps functioned BEFORE iTunes update

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Aquakittie, Sep 9, 2009.

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    I got a new iPod Touch in March...16gb 2G. I have Windows XP. Everything's been working fine up until the last two iTunes updates. The new 8 has yielded the worst problems.

    I've noticed PRIOR to iTunes 8 that my downloaded apps stopped working. The factory apps still work however (mail, clock, safari, etc)

    A Month or so ago, I started noticing when i plugged it into the computer it shows up as a camera in XP. Read that wasn't a big concern. It didn't start doing that in the beginning though, just recently.

    Now that I have iTunes 8, the iPod will NOT sync to iTunes. When I plug it in, iTunes won't turn on automatically (its set up to) and once it is open, my iPod won't show up in my devices.

    I've checked the following:
    USB port (they all work fine)
    The cable (ipod shows up as camera on My Computer so I know the cable works)
    The iPod charges, just doesn't sync in iTunes
    I've run the diagnostics in iTunes and it says no iPod is connected when it IS.

    ipod won't mount/sync in the new iTunes 8. Worked fine prior to update.
    Now the downloaded apps I have won't work either.
    It also wouldn't let me download the latest ipod update either.

    How do I fix this issue? I've seen other similar issues posted but mine only resulted after updating iTunes. Now it won't sync to even update it.

    I'm reluctant to reset the iPod in case it still won't be recognized in iTunes.


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