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    I'm hoping that someone here deals with VPN networks - I'm having a hell of a time with them here at work. Basically the problem is that I can't use VPN with a DHCP network.

    Like with a cable/dsl connection coming in with a static internet IP (or DHCP, doesn't matter) then I have a router connected to the modem and 3-4 computers connected to the router.

    Whenever I log one computer onto the VPN and then attempt to connect another one it will terminate the first computers connection - gives the message "Your IPSec connection has been terminated by a remote peer."

    We are using an IPSec setup and I understand WHY it is knocking off (looks at IP vs - sees difference and kicks back).

    The only way we can get the VPN to work properly is if we have a static IP address for EACH machine. I have a few ideas to try but was wondering if any of you had any experience with this.

    We are using a Cisco router and Cisco's VPN client to log in.


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