Is a MSI K7N2D Mothboard any good??

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Mirrorlure7M, Oct 15, 2003.

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    Oct 28, 2002
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    I had a gigabyte 7VTX and it I am replacing it with a MSI K7N2D . What do you think about the MSI K7N2D ??
  2. crotchfruit

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    i think most people here will tell you to go with abit or asus.

    i personally have an asus a7n8x deluxe and it rocks :big grin:
  3. affende

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    i have the MSI K7N2-Delta-ilsr Ms6570 ver 1.0
    i do like the board, not the best for oc, though. (be sure to get the 400mhz version if you go w/ this board) the board seems to be very stable, there are some problems with the Ram ports however. some beards did have faulty ram slots, but i think the prob has been pretty much taken care of. the board is picky about ram also. it seems not to like lower quality sticks. personally i have 512 mb of coarsair xms pc3200 w/ an oc 1700+. i haven't had any problems. fer a little more info, read the reviews at for the board. also, Maximum PC gave the board their best rating(Max PC kick ass product nine out of 10). you can probably find the missue online, it was in the August issue of Maximum PC. hope i helped you out a little, good luck on finding the board you want. :werd:
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    i have one. it was supposed to be a really good value for the money. first one i got i had to rma it. second one i got worked out perfectly and i'm pretty happy with it. i read about a lot of other people having problems with theirs too, so i'd probably stay clear just because of the odd chance you'll get a bad one.

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