SPORTS Is anybody on OT into BIRDING?


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Dec 16, 2004
Always freaks me out seeing the talons on some of the raptors :bowdown:
It's fucking nuts.
so, when i was got pregnant, i was in the middle of rehabbing the second house on my family farm, and we didn't have fully working plumbing yet (you had to dump water in the back of the toilet tank to make it flush). i was dealing with really bad morning sickness, and i didn't feel like dealing with the bucket while i was all morning sick-y, so i would run over to my dad's house to use a flushy potty to puke in in the mornings :rofl: my dad is also more of a morning person than my husband, so he would already be up and making some sort of breakfast, so we'd get to hang out


one morning, i had gotten outside and was running down the porch steps to go vom, and i heard this weird rustling off in the distance. it was more than i was used to, so i slowed down a bit. i heard the rustling again, and then a flock of fucking turkeys flew up from the brush and into a copse of trees, gobbling like fucking mad :rofl: we never had many turkeys out there growing up, and i somehow didn't know that they flew, so i was stopped in my track as i watched these dudes go. i missed my window to puke inside, so i just stood outside puking and watching turkeys :rofl:

i was standing at the purple dot and watching them fly up that blue arrow :rofl:

Lmao sounds majestic. I had a friend who had severe morning sickness. Sounded fucking awful.
Did they show up again?

They have their big roosting tree if ya find out which one it is your can reliably see them fly off it every morning about 20 min before sunrise.


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Nov 23, 2011
I'm guessing (no research) the extra red on the face and the red that extends further forward on the head is indicative of a male, and the last one was female (only a tuft on the back, black face)

but I dunno

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