Is it leagal to talk about MOD-Chips on OT ?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by tpr2k, Mar 6, 2002.

  1. tpr2k

    tpr2k Guest

    i was just wondering 'cause i have some questions about PS2 MOD-Chips...

    does anyone know ?
  2. tpr2k

    tpr2k Guest

    well.. (sorry about my delay...:))

    the question i have to ask is.. weather there's a mod-chip that is working (running dvd-r games/backup dvd games.. ) on the newest PS2 chipset (i think version 5 ??) ?

    (I mean a mod chip like the "Messiah" ..)

  3. tpr2k

    tpr2k Guest

    no one has PS2 with "Messiah" MOD-Chip ?????
  4. no, I just got my PS2 so I haven't Moded it. Besides, I am more interested in modding my Gamecube to play Jap titles. From what I've read in Game magazines, all thats required to mod the Cube is the instalation of a switch and two wires. But I don't know how to do it :(
  5. tpr2k

    tpr2k Guest

    anyone else ???
  6. cj3_69

    cj3_69 Guest

    yes there is a MOD-chip for the PS2 if you need more info E-mail me at [email protected]
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    cj3 is right there is a mod chip that lets you play dvd-r's. 2 actually 1 that requires a gameshark and 1 that doesn't

    Kyle G.
  8. chibi

    chibi Guest

    there is an origa "M-Clone" chip out right now..... check out and look at the forums there... its supposedly an 11 wire chip and this thing can boot ANYTHING.. w/o the need of a gameshark/ar2/codebreaker..... just solder the wires and your set..

    im not sure if they have one out yet for a v5 ps2 but im sure it works with a v4 for sure..

    i have a sbox/neokey usb modchip and it works ok.. no problems yet.. but i cant boot any dvdrs though... only cdrom backups..

    and no i dont think its illegal to talk about modchips in this forum.. since its basically legal to own a backup copy of the game just as long as you OWN the original copy.

  9. tpr2k

    tpr2k Guest

    i finally recieved my PS2 (+ Messiah soldered inside...:big grin:)

    works great in the meanwhile.. (with CDR backups... i don't have a DVD burner so i can't test that at the moment...:()

    anyways.. all i have to say is... Kalisto....:big grin:
  10. DragIIcivic

    DragIIcivic Guest

    I'm using the Neo Key external right regrets yet...and install was easy!
  11. cj3_69

    cj3_69 Guest

    Yes and it has been said that you can play on CD-RW but the load time is a bitch! But hey if you dont liek the game then re-burn it ya knwo or actually now a day CD-R's are so cheap just buy a shitload of them!

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