SRS is she worth it?

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by EBK, Nov 2, 2007.

  1. EBK

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    Oct 23, 2007
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    back in California
    x9x: am i trippen... or did you unblock all my sn's?
    f0: new laptop
    f0: sup?
    x9x: ohh so then you still hate me forever and ever then?
    x9x: haha
    f0: hate's a strong word
    f: i'm still a little disappointed, however
    xtx: hey well guess what... we're neighbors.
    x9x: [some heart emoticon she put in]
    x9x: i been living on [my street] for about 2 weeks now
    f0: no shit?
    xt9x: yuuup
    x9x: no lie
    f0: u havent seen me walking my doggie?
    xt9x: haha nah
    f0: how have u been
    x9x: i been goooood
    x9x: got a job at a halloween store, where tower records used to be
    xtx: yesterday was my last day
    xt9x: =[
    f: i got banned from that tower records
    x9x: haha
    f: why was it ur last day?
    x9x: and i got a caaarrrrr
    xt9: cuuuuuz halloween is over?
    f9: a caaaaarrrr like Boston people say it?
    f: OH YEAH lol
    xr9x: wellllllll im supposed to go in on the 5th
    xti9x: but iono
    xt9x: im kinda not down
    x9x: haha
    x9x: i dont wanna pack all that shit
    x9x: at 8 in the morning
    f: 8, jesus
    xx: til however long it takes us to finish
    x9x: yeah but yeah i got a car
    xt: and i need a new job
    f0: word? what kind
    xtx: and im living with my bro for a while, in my aunts house... she moved out
    x9x: 93 honda civic
    x9x: its alright
    xt9x: as long as it works
    f0: those rock
    xtr9x: hah yeah
    x9x: yeah and uhm
    x9x: i been single for almost a week now
    xt9x: i decided i just wanted to be friends

    x9x: i been going out and doing my own thing
    xtx: chillin with my homies
    x9x: care free
    x9x: im happy for the first time in a long time
    x9x: =]
    x9x: thats about it for me right noooow
    x9x: hah what about you?
    f0u: thats a lot of stuff going on
    x9x: yah but w/e
    f0: what did you do for halloween
    x9x: i went out with all my boyyyss to a party
    x9x: hey brb sorry!!!
    x9x signed off at 9:48:08 PM.

    We were always interested in eachother but her boyfriend was nuts. She was with him 24/7 and he usually answered (by force) her phone calls whenever I called...

    I got tired of it and blocked her AIM/phone calls/myspace

    I mean, it's been a "week" since they've been broken up now, should I make my move??
  2. EBK

    EBK Hate hippies & hadjis

    Oct 23, 2007
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    back in California

    she just texted me:
    "Sorrrrry I had to go. Dont hate me... Hah ill talk to u asap. kk. =)"
  3. SpectreMatrix

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    Sep 2, 2004
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    Tacoma, Wa
    questionable, I would approach with great caution
  4. task

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    Jan 11, 2007
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    UK, Derby
    give it a shot, I hate regretting things I didn't do.
  5. keysmachine

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    Sep 9, 2007
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    ooo boy.. red flag when she said i've been single for a week

    and you can take that however you want it

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