Is there an easy way of displaying a set of numbers in VB?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by 5Gen_Prelude, Jan 23, 2003.

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    I've got to keep track of serial numbers in a database and it has to be one record per serial number. But if I want to do an inventory of what serial numbers are in a warehouse, I don't particularly want to run off a list of 10000 serial numbers since that's not very helpful at determinging gaps (lets say bonehead decides to take the middle 50 out and ship them).

    So in that example I would want to print out a list like this:

    Serial Number Range            Count
    00001-04975                    4975
    05026-10000                    4975
    So assuming I have 9950 records each with one of those serial numbers, how do I get the data to display something like what I have just presented? The only idea I had was doing a custom function that basically returned the upper limit of consecutive serial numbers for any number provided in a predetermined recordset

    Function GetUpperLimit(LowerLimit as Long) as Long

    And then keep checking if the next number belongs in the recordset, returning the last one that does.

    Or is there a simpler way that I'm just missing?

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