Is there any sort of audio cassette player that you can play over a computer?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Raptor13x, Jun 22, 2004.

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    I'm working on a little project with my car, where I'm hooking up a 7" LCD touch screen to a laptop computer, and mounting the LCD screen on the dash where the CD/tape player unit used to be. I'll use the computer to moniter/program my standalone engine management system, as well as play DVD's, MP3's, and CD's. The one problem I've run into here is the fact that I still have some audio cassettes I like to listen to... and since the stock radio/cd/tape player is going bye-bye, I'd like to still be able to play my tapes. I'm not hugely concerned with sound quality, and this car will be using the stock speakers, I'm not a big loud bumpin audio guy, lol.

    Do you have any idea if theres anything out there that would allow you to play audio cassettes over a computer system?

    Thanks a lot to anybody that can help! :)
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    couldn't u just get a normal walkman and get the headphones out to the line in on your laptop :dunno
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