Is there anyway to make flat black look glossy?

Discussion in 'That'll Buff Right Out' started by Josh717, May 17, 2002.

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    Alright it sounds lame but I need to make my primed black nova look somewhat shiny just for temporary, is there any waxes. polishes that will do this, the reason being is i need it to look painted for a project or im screwd, thanks a ton guys
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    Probably your only hope is to spray it with some clear coat. I doubt any wax or polish is going to add much shine to a flat paint.
  3. Josh717

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    how about not glossy but have a lil shine you know, so you can see a blur of light or something on it
  4. If you put wax on your primer you will regret it. The primer will be contaminated and you will have to strip it all off in order to paint the car in the future.

    Running around with just primer on your car is not much better than running around with it stripped to bare metal, especially for those of us in rust prone states. Unless the car was sprayed with an epoxy primer you are still exposing the steel to rainwater and such. I would recommend that you go ahead and just paint it.
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    Dont know how well it will work but you could try it, there is a product called Mother's Back to Black. Its supposed to be used w/ plastics and other similar matierials, you could try it. Good luck, you will probably need it.

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