GUN Is this legit? v.AR15 kit for $535



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Aug 11, 2003
i'd spend the money to get a proper rifle. you can get a decent built rifle for close to $1000 be it CMMG, LMT, etc
It's for my brother who's on a budget, unfortunately.

If it's a LMT upper, then what could be wrong with it? :dunno:

The general consensus seems to be that an LPK is an LPK, not much difference between them.

Paul Revere

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May 19, 2003
Cali-NO NFA-fornia
It's for my brother who's on a budget, unfortunately.

If it's a LMT upper, then what could be wrong with it? :dunno:

The general consensus seems to be that an LPK is an LPK, not much difference between them.

see if they can take a photo of the left side of the upper receiver. if it is lmt, it should say so.


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Jan 5, 2008
It's for my brother who's on a budget, unfortunately.

If it's a LMT upper, then what could be wrong with it? :dunno:

The general consensus seems to be that an LPK is an LPK, not much difference between them.

where does it say that it's an LMT?


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Aug 30, 2003
I don't believe that would be possible to offer that package at that price just based off LMT's dealer pricing for an upper half, they'd have to pulling together some serious cost savings on the rest of the rifle unless they're getting a special millionty unit rate from lmt.


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Aug 11, 2003
where does it say that it's an LMT?
It's in the FAQ page.

Why are your prices higher than some others that I have seen advertised?

It is because of quality factors. We buy all of our parts from current manufacturer USGI and Government Contractors. We make nothing on premises nor from any foreign country.

Everything is US manufactured that goes into your AR15 rifle. Our upper receivers are manufactured by Lewis Machine and Tool, and LMT cuts and chambers the uppers using Wilson or Mike Rock Premium Barrel Blanks, which they then headspace and test fire. We do have some Rock River Barreled Uppers as noted. [The few foreign parts that are shown on this website are so noted in the descriptions – they do not come in any rifle/carbine kit, period.]


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Jan 5, 2008
I wouldn't be giving this guy my money

Originally Posted by [email protected]

I lurk here all the time and finally registered after going to the Reliant Gun Show in Houston yesterday. I have never seen anything like this. I had my two boys there with me and we witnessed the M&A guy attack a customer.

I think this guy from M&A parts was the owner. He is a stocky guy with a goatee.

Earlier in the day, I had seen the customer having some sights put on his Glock at the Glock spare parts booth (he was carrying his Glock concealed and chewing on a cigar) so I figure that guy was LEO. The night sights weren't the cheap kind either.

Anyway, A while later, I was at the M&A booth about to drop $800 or $900 dollars on an upper and parts when I see the Glock guy with the cigar again. He was wearing a blue pullover. He was talking to one of the helper bees at the M&A parts table and that guy told him the prices of a handful of rail covers. I know those things aren't cheap.

The Goatee guy came over and told the Glock guy a totally different price. I think the difference was over $35.00 from what the helper bee had told the customer. This large difference even caught my attention.

The Glock guy asked the M&A Goatee boy what the difference was and the M&A Goatee guy answered him like he was an idiot. I mean, he talked to him just like you would talk to some stupid retarded guy that was trying to date your sister.

The M&A guy's voice was mean, condescending and devoid of any ounce of customer service. The Glock guy said that was fine, and asked him if he took American Express. The M&A guy said no in that same condescending mean voice and took the Glock Guy's visa card. I would have told the M&A guy with the goatee to shove his parts up his rear end right there! The Glock guy didn't.

I was amazed that a vender would talk to a customer who was buying $100.00 of plastic rail covers like this.

I decided that I would not do business with these guy and spent my money elsewhere. In fact, I will never buy from M&A parts again.

After the Glock guy with the cigar handed the M&A goatee guy his credit card, the M&A guy screwed around for awhile and told the Glock guy that it wouldn't read his card. Why he didn't just punch the numbers in manually, I'll never know. That's not hard to do. The Glock guy had this annoyed look on his face and the M&A guy with the goatee told him "ITS NOT MY FAULT IT WON'T READ YOUR CARD!"

The Glock guy took his card back and asked the M&A Goatee guy if they took checks. The M&A guy responded in that same condescending tone of voice that they didn't. The Glock guy told him fine, he could keep his merchandise then and started to walk away. At no time did the glock guy get rude or say anything that was out of line to the M&A parts guy.

This is where it started to go bad. The M&A guy made a comment to the Glock guy about his attitude (which I had not seen a bad attitude from the Glock guy yet).

The glock guy stopped walking away and told the M&A goatee guy that he was the one with the crappy attitude and proceeded to detail each instance of his bad attitude and poor customer service from start to finish.

The M&A Goatee guy told the glock guy with the cigar that he could take his bad attitude somewhere else (which I thought the glock guy was trying to do) and then the Glock guy told him "Fuck You" and turned and walked down the aisle toward Lone Star Gun safe's booth.

The M&A goatee guy started yelling "SIR" SIR" "SIR" "SIR" "SIR" after the Glock guy like a little girl whose feelings were hurt and then ran out into the aisle after his former customer.

This is where I decided that the M&A guy with the goatee was proving that not only was he stupid, but that he was trying to become a candidate for the Darwinism award.

The M&A Goatee guy grabbed the glock guy's shoulder (1st mistake), spun him around, put his face into the Glock guys face & yelled "FUCK YOU" in his face. there faces where inches apart. I think the M&A guy actually stuck his eye onto the end of the Glock guy's cigar. Luckily for the M&A Goatee guy the Glock guy was only chewing the cigar and it wasn't lit.

The M&A Goatee guy then proceeded to try to swat the Glock guy’s cigar out of his mouth. He hit the cigar.

The Glock guy grabbed the M&AQ guy's collar and pushed him back. The M&A Goatee guy made a grab for the Glock guy's collar at which time the Glock guy finished the fight:

The Glock guy grabbed the M&A guy by the THROAT & squeezed. It looked like he squeezed it real hard. The M&A guy suddenly stopped running his mouth and talking smack tothe Glock guy with the cigar!

I thought to myself, the Glock guy with the cigar just went Darth Vader on M&A guy: fingers around the adams apple, squeezed hard enough for the M&A Goatee boy's eyes to pop out (looked like one of those dolls that have the pop out eyes that pop out when you squeeze them. Looked him in the eyes and told him in a very loud voice that he was going to kill him right there and squeezed his throat even harder.

It was amazing. It looked like Darth Vader had come to Houston. The M&A Guy's face was turning red, eyes popping out and the Glock guy was just standing there, fingers inserted into the guy's adams apple and wind pipe, chewing on his cigar, holding his bag of stuff with the most chilling look I have ever seen on a guys face. I thought the Glock guy wasn't going to let go of the M&A Guy's throat until he was dead.

Some other people intervened and the Glock guy let the M&A goatee guy go and started to walk off. The M&A guy apparently wanted to be embarrassed some more and decided that having his throat almost ripped out once that day wasn't enough and followed after the Glock guy a second time. I thought the glock guy was going to test out his new night sights on this moron, but he didn't. Four or five really big guys came out of nowhere and stopped the M&A guy from getting embarrassed a second time.

I was shocked that my two boys had to witness any of this. The way the M&A Parts guy with the goatee talked to the guy with the Glock and then the attack. At least my boys saw one way to stop a stupid bully. Grab his throat and choke the life out of him. BUT, they should not have to see this stuff at a gun show


hes got a nice cock, on the thin side but its stil
Dec 18, 2003
East Lansing, MI
wow @ story

If you're going to get a cheap rifle kit get one from Del-Ton. They have good customer service and you can customize it more to how you want. (i.e. chrome lined barrel)


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Jul 16, 2001
I got my 24inch kit from M-A great service. They took the time to answer all of my questions and shipped me exactly what I wanted.

Building your own > buying off the shelf


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Jan 5, 2008
That story reeks of bullshit to me.....

Did you actually read the initial link, you know the one with emails?

Originally Posted By V_Johnson:
From M&A direct, just now:

"----- Original Message -----
From: M&A Parts Inc

Sent: Friday, November 19, 2004 5:12 PM
Subject: RE: Data posted to form 1 of

Thanks for your polite message.

We see no reason to engage in any debate in the forum of the internet. This poorly advised and peculiar situation will be handled professionally and in an entirely different arena. If the material that you have gathered from the internet seems factual to you, and you must base your perception of our products, services and character upon that, this is both our loss. This is a burden we will have to sustain as we have been counseled against responding in any manner other than through considered channels.

Our products, quality, honesty, promptitude, service and character have never before been challenged in any forum.


M&A Parts"

Mr. Caplan,

Since you seem to like to assault people in gun shows and then threaten litigation in your emails, I will make a formal demand upon you and your company for $10,000.00 for the assault and battery that you committed against me at the Gun Show in the Reliant Center.

Better yet, please have your attorney contact me.

Sean Cody
Attorney at Law

Market Garden

at the cost of accuracy
Yeah. It's not like it turns your benchrest grade AR into something like an AK. For the vast majority of shooting situations, I'd rather trade a miniscule loss in accuracy for a huge increase in durability.

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