ART Is this the place to ask a video cam question?


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Apr 11, 2008
San Francisco, CA
I used a Sony vx2000 to record local bands for a few years, the Sony vx2100 is better in low light I would assume. I then got a canon hv20 and loved it. It is a very decent camera at a very fair price. There is a large void of quality camcorders between ~600 dollars and then 1500 dollars. I would advise you to look into the canon HV30 and read some reviews. Many video cameras will be ok for what he wants to do and I think a HV30 would suit him well.

I think that tapes are better than hard drive based camcorders solely because they are perfected and a very good way of backing up data easily.

The image quality on these are really good and I 2nd shot a few weddings with them and the footage was decent compared to the primary shooters pro equipment for cocktail hour type stuff

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