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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by jestre, Nov 15, 2006.

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    OK....the situation is as follows

    Location "A"
    PC with ISDN modem on Com1. runs Gate control software
    let say spids 61664788XX0101 and 61664789XX0101
    with data lines 61664788XX and 61664789XX

    Location "B"
    ISDN modem connected via serial port to Gate Controller

    let say spids 61664790XX0101 and 61664791XX0101
    with data lines 61664790XX and 61664791XX

    Software on PC thinks controller is at COM 1. in actuality, there is an ISDN modem on COM1 of the PC and an IDSN Modem on the serial (com) port of the gate controller.

    How do I set the ISDN modem configs to be a bridge for the com ports? basically a point-2-point connection.

    ISDN Provider is AT&T, swith type is National ISDN-1

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