issue with new build, mobo doesnt read vga card

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by evan2, Oct 17, 2005.

  1. evan2

    evan2 Guest

    DFI NS4 DR mobo and BFG tech 7800gtx
    basically I had a issue with the first leadtek card.. i put the wrong converter (in england) though my psu handles dual voltage I forgot to change to britisn power and the leadtek smoked a bit, so i rmaed it and got the bgf

    my issue was that when I would turn it on and plug the monitor in I would get no signal ,the monitor would just go to sleep mode

    same with the bfg.. the mobo has test LIGHTs and the last light doesnt lite up this being the VGA card lite

    idk what to do, want to take it downtown but dont want to pay because of the exchange rate
    I figured the mobo is bad but thats another few weeks of waiting, which is ok because I spentthe money on a new build i want it right

    though I would hope that there is something I am doing wrong.. though idk what it could be

    yes it has power, the fan spins
  2. borborygmus

    borborygmus Guest

    if it put enough power through the mobo to smoke the video card, you more than likely put enough power through the whole thing to smoke all the components...
  3. evan2

    evan2 Guest

    nope it works now..

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