SRS It is with absolute heavy heart and sorrow I make this thread. *RIP Bugalu*


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Its early hours here in Sydney Australia. I received a text message from @Bugalu 's mobile phone. It was his father.

Chris passed away earlier this morning USA time.

I'm meant to be flying to Nashville next week to hang out with him. I'm in such shock right now. I don't know what to type right now.

Spoken to his girlfriend, who is obviously a complete mess. Trying to get a hold of @DrewDown and @chornelium and @deegan ... these guys stayed at my house with @Bugalu here in Sydney back in 2019. We formed a great bond. Mates for life. I wanted to speak to all of them before I made this thread. I've contacted other OT'ers that are in our immediate circle. It was decided I would make this thread.

I'm lost for words. I've lost a good mate. I know there are people on OT who have different opinions of Chris and yeah we all don't think the same... but fuck me, he was fucking good dude, putting POL shit and GUN shit aside. He was a fucking good mate.

Sorry I'm a mess right now.

RIP @Bugalu

Your mate Cam aka @vikingen


from the conversation with his girlfriend..

She knew he was super excited I was coming to visit, had planned all kinds of stuff. she said he needed it.

She said he has been heavily drinking again. She suggested AA but he wasn't in for it. She said COVID had been hard on his work (real estate) and that he had been suffering from depression. Sadly I wasn't aware, but so many of us have been down as fuck during covid. Myself totally included. He didn't stand out as any worse than me or the rest of my friends, OT or IRL.

Last weekend, he was coughing and coughed up blood. They took him to hospital.. he was his usual fun self in hospital. She said he was messing with and joking with the nurses. Typical Chris.

They did an endoscopy to find out where the bleeding was from. I think they figured it out, but then his blood pressure dropped, his skin was yellow... he ended up not being able to respond. I think she said they put him on dialysis. His liver and kidneys fucked out. He was in a coma. Now he isn't with us today.

This is what I was told happened. Booze. I know I drink a lot, but I'll never know how much Chris was pounding. If I had ANY clue about his health, mental or physical, I'd have not been down for ANY of the boozing shit we had planned.


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