SRS It is with absolute heavy heart and sorrow I make this thread. *RIP Bugalu*


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Jun 10, 2004
me too, me too.


just spoke to my boss. He knew about my trip. He was like .. take all the time you need. Scottish bloke. Solid guy.

No way I can work today
yeah i walked in, tried to explain to my boss but couldnt get a word out and just broke down lol

finally got it out and he just told me to go home

Remy Bressant

40 big girls and a bottle
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Jul 24, 2015
I did not like him and did not think he was a good person, but I wouldn’t ever have rooted for him to die. RIP. :(

I hope his family and friends can find some peace. :wtc:

Edit: I will freely acknowledge that I rarely interacted with him outside pol threads, so my opinion of whether or not he was a good person beyond that sphere carries little to no weight. Didn’t want it to seem like im disagreeing with the people that feel differently. :o
Delete this. No need to state your discontent ITT.

@Chuck Finley you mind pruning the post and maybe giving lil’ boy a 24hr timeout?
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Oct 8, 2004
San Francisco
Sorry to prod for those effected but, for the sake of others, do we know what he potentially overdosed on?

Seems like a lot of his friends here still like nose beers, and despite us knowing that fentanyl can show up in a bag, we continue to use while trusting our sources.

Just making sure it's this and not simply that he was into opiates themselves.

I can also delete this if requested.

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