It's all Smith's fault(a theory on the Matrix)

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    here's my theory on the Matrix based on what i've seen and read on this forum.

    -it has already been established that Smith wants out of the matrix(read other posts). he desperately wants out and it's his self-awareness and selfishness that causes him to break the matrix/zion cycle.
    -in the first movie the oracle says that someone MUST die(imo morpheus), but since Smith was busy torturing him, Neo and Trinity were able to rescue him. Later on he sees a chance to end this endless cycle by killing Neo(he recognizes the building and decides to to the room of the beginning of the movie). neo "dies" but his mind doesn't, which gives him time to realize(through trinity's help at the end of reloaded neo tells her that he knows that she can hear him)that he's not really dead; it's just a program in his mind(Mind over body philosophy) and "returns to life" as the One. neo kills smith, that wasn't supposed to happen (you don't see any agents killed in reloaded even though he has the ability to do it). no one knows what happend in that moment(smith says so in reloaded)something overwritten or copied from each others code(the one and agent code). neo may be carrying agent code which may be what allows him to perceive the agents at the begining of reloaded, and smith has code from neo which gives him power and some "emotions"(smith says he was compelled to stay). smith is mad cause he was taken out of the loop that the machines have created thus he has lost his purpose. since he avoided deletion by hiding and knows everything that will happen, he decides to destroy everything and so that everyone will lose their purpose.(he tried to take neo's purpose but he failed)

    -regarding the matrix within a matrix
    I admit that at some time I thought that this was the case but all the info i've come across tells me that it isn't.
    neo is the one and he gets to the source like planned(well almost) but since he's in love(note:the oracle told trinity that she would fall in love with the one not that she would get in a relationship with the one Neo's death causes her to tell him) he chose the "wrong door". if you remember, in the first matrix we see neo in an interrogation room through a wall of tv's exactly the same as the ones on the architects room. the architect has been keeping tabs on neo throughout the whole process inside the matrix. he knows hoe neo feels about trinity so he knows that he would not choose the other door.
    the room the architect is in, IS the source. the door that he refers to must be the place where they diseminate the code of the one and the place where neo would choose the 23 "survivors" remember that you can upload info into a human brain via the plug in the back of the head(I KNOW KUNG FU) so it would make sense that before releasing them to the real world they would erase their memories and upload false memories and technology info.
    If you look closely at the scene where the sentinels are setting up to destroy the ship where the handicap dude is in, you can clearly see an exact replica of Zion in the background. Coincidence?
    the architect also told neo that the process of getting to the source has "altered his conciousness". maybe his able to comunicate with the machines via his brain waves?! maybe not but a reason to look into about his sentinel destroying feat in the real world. in enter the matrix the oracle said that he was stuck in a world between the real world and the matrix. wireless?!
    - the bum in enter the matrix said that zion would be destroyed in 72 hours yet neo tells everybody else that they have 24 hours before zion is wiped out.
    if you count that the machines will get to zion in 9 hours(said lock) that means that zion will lsat only 15 hours!! this may have to do with the fact that everything has changed this time around.
    the kid has some important role to do in all this but there's not enough info.
    but we know from the animatrix that he knew of neo existence and he was the one that contacted them.

    what does all this mean? we'll find out next week
    sorry for the long post;)
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