SRS Its that time of year again - im sick of working dead end jobs

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by JakobwithaK, Dec 30, 2006.

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    This really depresses me, and I think its mainly because I have very little faith right now in actually ever being able to work my dream job.

    I know Im not the only one who feels the same way. Im 25, soon 26 and still have yet to get my career started :wtc: Its not for the lack of effort, but just that I cant seem to get jack squat in what I want to do. I know what I want to do, its just so competitive where I am, and every place is always wanting the experienced.

    I have been working dead end jobs for my entire life :wtc: From what I can remember, there was maybe only two jobs that I actually enjoyed doing - and trust me this is coming from someone who has worked a ton of different jobs. Its the same old shit every time, I end up losing so much interest in my jobs, that it just brings out the bad side in me, a totally negative attitude, and destroys my work habits to the point where i just quit or end up getting fired. Its an endless cycle over and over.

    Right now, I am at a job I was once at exactly a year ago from today. Its a 6 month contract job, (wont say what I do just yet, still :o). But the first go around here, I did it F/T Mon-Fri and I nearly killed myself - I still have no idea how I managed to pull that off. It affected me so much mentally, that as the contract was went on, it just took such a heavy toll on my mind and body, that I just wanted to get the fuck out of there and have my life back. Have my freedom back, free myself from the depression. It truly was a depressing workplace, and it STILL IS!

    Well after that contract expired and I chose not to renew, I then went the next 6 months without work. During this time, I was back in my old ways, training heavy in the gym.

    Just last month, I was invited back but I said on certain conditions - and that is P/T hours - they agreed. Trust me, if I had a choice I wouldnt have come back but I had no choice as I was once again running out of options. We all know the saying "a jobs a job right?..."money is money." So now, I am here 4 days a week, because there way no way in hell I was doing this 5 days a week and putting myself in the same hole again. My goal when signing that contract was that I will only be here for 1 term (6 months), because frankly I just cant take too much of this job - and that is STILL my goal.

    The only reason Im doing it is obviously because its $$$ (and very good $ at that) and I need something to pass time. So obviously, while Im here I will be looking for other work because there is no way Im staying past 6 months. No chance in hell - I would rather kill myself. Right now, thankfully Im already 1.5 months into it...1/4 done and over with. :hs:

    But im just sick of never being able to enjoy my work. I know my parents do jobs that they dont like, but they always managed to put up with it. THey always get upset if I quit a job just because I get sick of the work:hs: but i guess they dont understand just how much this affects me emotionally. Not just now, but over the years...all these dead end jobs. I feel like im going absolutely nowhere in life with my career and it worries me. And Im not alone on this, there is a buddy I work with that is in the same shoes as I. He is dying to get out of this hellhold. The work sucks ass, the management and company is a piece of shit, the people and workplace itself is depressing and feels like Im in a private school - we are just here for the very good pay, thats it! If it was anything less, I wouldnt have ever considered coming here to begin with. The management can fuckin rot in hell as far as Im concerned. This place is so badly run that it feels like im already in hell everytime im working here.

    But I mean I just want to do lots of early planning so that I dont have to carry on with this job past its original contract. Like I say, I would rather kill myself than work this past 6 months. The bright side of it all right now? Already 1/4 has passed - 1.5 months down, 4.5 to go. Im so sick of working dead end jobs, and I need to put an end to this all.

    My parents will be upset again (probably even more so than the first time around) if I do NOT renew my contract after the 6 months IF I dont have another job lined up. If I do have another job lined up come 6 months, they will be ok with it. They keep telling me, "stay at this job for as long as you can", yada yada yada. Well...they really dont know what my goal is, and that is that this job is just a time filler for me. I will do everything I can to be sure I have another and better job lined up come Spring.
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    I am 21 and I am afaird I will end up working dead end jobs. Did you go to college?
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    i would say that in short term, it will be painful but go to college for somekind of skills that are needed in marketplace and jobs' availability...

    you dont even have to go to a four year college; call up your local community college for their certificate programs... i am sure they will have something you will be interested in and has good job prospects...

    good luck!!
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    I think you need to re-examine and try to pull the right strings in your life. There's a lot of terrible jobs out there, but to get anywhere you will need to be promoted.

    As i see it you have three options in your life of which only one is valid.

    You go in a vicious circle downwards and end up dead.
    You go in a circle, but stationary. I like to compare it to a mule or ox pulling a mill [​IMG] you know , much work is mill work , you just go in a circle, you get your money, but your not getting anywhere.
    The third option and only valid is going in a vicious circle upwards. You know just staying at the same spot is a form of hell, just like that mule or donkey its not going anywhere, and you can ask yourself , is this it? The answer is no, there is more to achieve. But working in itself just going around in a circle forever = stupidity.

    You can't just work, you have to work smart, in that sense that you should consider yourself more like a card player, who has to play the cards of his life correctly. Constantly think and perform actions to improve your life. This because all the effort you spend on getting out of hell is worth it.

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