It's time to rock!

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  1. What rock songs are making today better than most for you?

    Right now, my world is getting totally rocked by "New thing" by Fuel on their 1998 album, Sunburn.
  2. Don't be shy! :rofl:

    Now, I'm listening to "What you say" by Atom Seed on
    the 1990 album, Get in Line.
    ...... Large Front
  3. My world is about ready to explode!

    I'm listening to "World keeps spinning (A chronic future)" by Chronic Future on the 2004 album, Lines in my Face.
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    Mar 8, 2009
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    I've gotta say that Black Bubblegum by The Dillinger Escape Plan is doing it for me at the moment. Ire Works is such a great album. This is by no means the best song on the album but right at this moment, it is pushing the right buttons.
  5. :cool:
  6. "Get 'em outta here" by Sprung Monkey on the
    1998 album, Mr. Funny Face.
    The music has hit me again. :bowdown:
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    If you want pure rock n roll abandon, look no further than the air-guitar wielding, cat-suit prancing, pelvic-thrust machine of The Darkness' 'Get Your Hands of My Woman'!

    That goddamn RIDICULOUS chorus has me in stitches and head banging at the same time!

    Think i may just have lost whatever cred i had been beginning to accumulate...
    ...oh well, stiff shit!

    ROCK ON!! [sign of the devil]
  8. This one is a little jazzy but it's more rockful. :wiggle:

    I've got "All sewn up" by Rise Robots Rise
    on the 1992 album, Rise Robots Rise playing.
  9. LOL
  10. I'm going way over the top now! :noes:

    With "Good head" by White Hot Odyssey
    on the 2004 album, White Hot Odyssey.
  11. Still going. :big grin:

  12. When I used to get high in 1983, I'd play this song driving over to my friend's house,
    when he had some good stuff ready to go. I thought life couldn't possibly get better than that.
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  13. I might as well keep going. This stuff is hot.

    Now it's "Dead on" by Simon Stinger on the 2000 album, Devil on my Mind.
  14. I'm gonna try and pick this up where I left off yesterday morning. So far, the start is auspicious. :)

    And it's "Light years on" by 60 Channels on the 1998 album, Tuned in Turned on.
  15. Time to dream!

    With this great version of "Sweet dreams (Are made of this)" by the 17th Avenue All-Stars on the 1995 album, True Colors.
  16. This one is really picking up the pace for me.

    "Catapult" by Counting Crows on the 1996 album, Recovering the Satellites.
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    Simpsonville, SC
    Katatonia - Follower
    Long Distance Calling - The Nearing Grave
  18. We're set!

    "Conquistador" by Procul Harum on the 1996 Greatest Hits.
  19. "Crawl" by Sweet Water on the 1993 album, Sweet Water.

    Chorus from "Crawl":

    These precious things, these precious things I need, yeah
    These precious things, these precious things I need

    These precious things, these precious things I need
    These precious things, these precious things I need
  20. ..... "Slave girl" by the Goo Goo Dolls on the 1995 album, A Boy Named Goo.
  21. We're gonna try something new, 'cause I had a real bad day. Let's see if rock 'n roll can salvage it.

    My first major attempt will be with this song.

    "50,000 screaming TFU fans can't be wrong" by TFU on the 1999 album, Throwing a Wrench into the American Music Machine.
    See larger image
  22. "Burt Reynolds vs. Godzilla" by TFU
  23. It's a long shot, but I could choose worse.

    "High hopes" by Sammy Hagar on the 1994 album, Unboxed.
  24. "Heavy metal" by Sammy Hagar. This is quite elevating. :p
  25. This song is a means that can make it more than before.

    "Dream all day" by the Posies on the 1993 album, Frosting on the Beater.

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