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    CHERRY HILL, NJ What is your current status with the UFC?

    Ivan Salaverry: I am no longer under contract, but I'm still on the roster. This means that they can request me, if they want, and we'll go from there. Since you are not "under contract" so to speak, are you legally free to fight for another organization?

    Ivan Salaverry: If I decided to go to another organization, the UFC could bid to buy me out, or something to that effect. I don't know the exact rules, but supposedly the UFC still has me in mind. You had impressive victories over Joe Riggs and Tony Fryklund prior to your loss to Nahan Marquadt via judges decision. What are your thoughts on the UFC's decision to not keep you under contract? Were you shocked?

    Ivan Salaverry: The UFC's reaction is pretty normal in the sense of a typical contract. They tell you that you have a 3 fight contract for "x" amount of dollars and it is specified in their terms. You only have a 3 fight contract if you keep winning. If you lose any of those fights, they have the right to pull you out. They dictate terms. They tell you this is how it is. This is what your contract is all about. What is your opinion of the judge's decision that gave you a loss vs. Nathan Marquardt? Was it a fair decision?

    Ivan Salaverry: Yes, I can't deny it since the fight was left up to the judges. The fight was very close. It was like a fight vs. my shadow. I find the fight was very, very close. Would I have like for the decision to go my way? Yes. But I cannot deny the fact that in comparison to my other fights, I respected my opponent too much. Because of that, the fight turned out to be lackadaisical, tedious, and much too technical for most people. It was left up to the judges. I believe that I tried way too hard to go for the take-downs. In response to that he countered and got the advantage. It was a really tight fight. Do I disagree with the decision? I can't say that I do. But, due to steroid news that was received later through the tests, I do believe that it was unfair. Please tell us more about the steroid info in regards to your opponent Nathan Marquardt.

    Ivan Salaverry: With that fight, there were other variables. I believe that the fight should be changed to a no-contest. I look at it through boxing's eyes. For example look at what happened with James Toney. We talked with the commission and we were told that the commission in Las Vegas does not have anything litigated in their books about any punishment of that sort towards the situation. They do not have laws punishing the fighter who uses steroids in terms of ruling the fight a no-contest. What is the exact punishment for this situation?

    Ivan Salaverry: They get a suspension and a fine if they get caught using performance-enhancing drugs. In all fairness to the commission, they cannot rule a no-contest when there is not a rule in the books. No MMA fight that has had consequences of steroid use has ever been overturned. Including the Barnett and Sylvia situations. Those fight were never over-turned on their records. They got caught, but their "wins" were never overturned. There needs to be some sort of law on the books in terms of these situations so that the commission can impose fairness within. So, the punishment for the use of steroids is not much of a punishment at all.

    Ivan Salaverry: Exactly, what incentive is there for a fight to not take steroids if there is only a suspension and a minor fine. I believe the suspension is a 6 month suspension. A fighter only fights once, twice, or maybe 3 times a year. That's a fight every 4 to 6 months at the most. If a fighter only fights once or twice a year, then this suspension never even comes into play. The benefits of steroids are obvious. They help you recover better, they help you to become stronger, and more. It is cheating. And this is the incentive not to use steroids; only a short suspension and a fine. Switching tracks, have you had any offers to fight for other organizations?

    Ivan Salaverry: Yes. Bob Sapp is a good friend of mine and he wants me to jump into K-1 again. I'm thinking about it. Other organizations have made offers, but right now I'm just relaxing a bit. I am also thinking of opening up my own school. Since Nate Marquardt won the judges decision, but used steroids in the process, would you like a rematch?

    Ivan Salaverry: Yes. I would like a rematch with Nate, but I don't think the UFC is very interested in that. Even as an under-card fight, when I spoke of the rematch, they did not seem very interested. I would think that it would be very interesting to have a rematch especially since Nathan Marquardt tested positive for steroids both pre and post fight. What is your opinion of the current roster of the 185 pounders?

    Ivan Salaverry: The division is stacked! It's amazing. You can grab a handful of those guys and you will have great fights. You have Loiseau, Rivera, Terrell, Murphy, Tanner, Franklin. I mean, Holy crap! This division is stacked. Even the guys coming from the TV shows, Leben and others are very good. And you also have those rambunctious guys like Baroni. The division is unbelievable! Are you still with the AMC Pankration stable?

    Ivan Salaverry: I'm now doing my own gym now. I'm no longer with the AMC. Bob Sapp is a superstar. He's doing his own thing. Josh is training and doing a lot better; he is getting over his injuries. Everyone is pretty much doing their own thing. Maurice Smith is out in Australia teaching and training guys. But we all still get together. We help each other if there's a need and a possibility. We're all still friends. You just named several interesting fighters. I am going to call out a name or topic and I'd like for you to give a brief answer after the word is called; the first thing that comes to mind. Deal?

    Ivan Salaverry: Ok, yeah. Fedor.
    Ivan Salaverry: A tank! A tank of a fighter. He's amazing. Amazing! To look at the guy, he's kind of chubby, unassuming. Then goes out their and he wrestles, boxes, submits, I love him. Pride. (the organization)

    Ivan Salaverry: Very well put together. Love the rules. Bob Sapp.

    Ivan Salaverry: My buddy! That's my home slice. Great guy. Great heart. He's the entertainer of the fighters. Randy Couture.

    Ivan Salaverry: A gentleman. He is a classy, classy guy. Fun, what's fun?

    Ivan Salaverry: My life; rolling, wresting, boxing, submitting. My life is fun. Everyday. Rich Franklin

    Ivan Salaverry: The Champ. He's the man to beat, basically. Royce Gracie.

    Ivan Salaverry: Inspiration. He is my inspiration; a young Latin dude that looks like my Dad who whips ass. He's a 180 pounder; whipping butt, with things that are revolutionary to the martial arts. Nathan Marquardt

    Ivan Salaverry: Ooooooh. Rematch. Give me my rematch. Ivan Salaverry.

    Ivan Salaverry: Just trying to come up baby, trying to come up.

    Nathan Marquardt was on steroids... but I'd like to see a rematch
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    i concur!
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    Salaverry is definitely the man, very versatile/creative guy. I'd love to see more of him.
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    ♥ salaverry

    he's like Tiki Barber to me -- awesome person in and out of the can't help but like them. classy fellow

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