SRS I've been around long enough to realize to not minimize peoples addictions.

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by Stonewall, Jan 13, 2004.

  1. Stonewall

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    I've been around long enough to realize not to minimize peoples addictions.

    I just got activated today and was curious about this section.
    I went to the cocaine users thread and was amazed by some of the responses.

    There are mental psychological addictions as well as physical.

    Just because a certain drug didn't affect you negatively or alter your mood efficiently or to your liking .......DOESN'T MEAN SHIT !

    I apologize to any members here if I come off in my first post with a little attitude but.......I see alot of people coming to this section with comments like:

    Cocaine doesn't do shit for me.

    Well.......good for you.

    But how is that constructive or pertain to the fact that it has ruined millions of peoples lives ???

    and........if someone makes a post about their addiction seeking helpful or benefitiary does your comment of.....Coke is for pussies relate to anything ?

    Heroin is not my thing......... it only puts me to sleep.
    I've never had a problem with alcohol.

    Big fucking deal......does that mean I should view them as an inferior drugs ?
    or anyone that gets addicted to them as weaker than myself ?

    Does a persons drug of choice constitute or relate to the seriousness of their problem ??

    Let me answer that for you.

    HELL FKN NO !!!

    People get addicited to and die from prescription drugs.
    Young people today get psyhcologically addicted to DXM.

    Addictions should bring us all together with one common goal.

    Stop minimizing people or their problems because of "their drug of choice".
    I'm asking you politely to stay out of this section if you think getting high or usuing drugs is cool or fun.

    Think of us fellow recovering or suffering addicts for a change instead of just yourself before you make these remarks in someones thread.

    In summary: You can NOT measure other peoples problems or addictions by your own. Everyone is different.
    To judge people by their substance of addiction shows ignorance on the very subject matter at hand.

    If you want to make a thread about how coke or beer or whatever doesn't do shit for you ......make a thread.

    But don't jump in someone elses thread who has just admitted to their addiction/dependency and insult them with your minimization .

    It's condescending,rude, and shows a lack of concern or understanding. It's just plain ignorant in my opinion.
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    hmm i dont know. I guess everyone who sees this thread would expect everyone to agree with it and go "yeah u shouldn't minimalize other peoples addictions". But then whats the point of posting the thread if no one can respond negatively to it, arguing that this minimalizing is OK and/or is not harmful?
  3. Stonewall

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    Not being able to respond to something negatively does not make it meaningless or without a point.

    I had a much better response than this but this site loads like shit for me and this will be my 2nd and last post here.
    I keep getting everything I write wiped out.

    fk it

    I'm outta here
  4. nukegoat

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    Well, the man made a good point. Drug of choice is neither relevant or important. Even if its not a drug - the disease of addiction is serious and really is to be viewed as such.
  5. Demon Of Dreams

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    I agree with it as well, pity he didn't stick around

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