I've got terminal cancer, and going through my bucket list. Just took ecstasy...

Insert Tokens

Insert Tokens

Fuck Cancer
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Jan 12, 2006
what kind of cancer?

Nodular melanoma, spread from a mole to my lymphatic system. Have had 5 surgeries + multiple other treatments over last year.

are you in a good environment to take it?

Yup at home with my druggo mate + wife, listening to k pop :p

what's the next drug on your list?

Did coke. Did E. Did mushies once but that was before all this (10yrs ago) so maybe try mushies again?

when are you going to die?

1-5 years. Unknown. Basically it's in my lymphatic system and they cut out tumors as they appear, when one appears in a vital organ, i'm gone. Chemo etc don't work for this.

boxers or briefs?

Nothing right now ;)

do you have a different outlook on things now?

ball cancer?


Holy shit i'm so fucked up :rofl:

Insert Tokens

Insert Tokens

Fuck Cancer
OT Supporter
Jan 12, 2006
cancer of the good threads?

Gimme time bro, hard to see screen :p

When was the last time you had sex?

Last night. Wife + her friend. :)

can you order me a bunch of shit off amazon since you dont ever have to pay it back?

Sure (within reason), whaddya want?

Does having cancer make bitches want to sex you? Or is it a gross kind of cancer?

Nope, chicks dig it. I'm a 33yr old dude with money who's gunna die. What chick wouldn't love that? To be fair though, i'm happily married, but I love attention from the girls and wife is fine with that, so it's a fun topic to bring up at bars and have them go all gaga over me, then go home and take it out on my wife ;)

first question: really?

Yes. I had threads on here a year or so ago when I went through first surgeries. It's gone downhill from there.

second: how long do you have?


wo dude

go put on some essential mixes/music. log off of OT

take acid next

Tiesto + K Pop and i'm happy. (Yes I have shit taste in music for a big white aussie dude)


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May 11, 2001
sucks to hear man, but you seem like you're enjoying life

what else do you have on your bucket list?

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