COMIC Jason Todd = Rodney Dangerfield

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by axio, May 15, 2006.

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  2. man i so need to get the rest of the Red Hood Saga
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    Jason Todd had arguably the hardest job in comics in having to take over for an iconic character in Robin. It is slightly comparable to Ben Reily's situation for after Ben was created, the only thing that the writers could do to him that appealed to the fans was to kill him off again.

    Jason should have never been killed off as he was more brash than Dick and if that dynamic was given time to grow under the hands of some talented writers, perhaps the fans would have taken to him but DC wanted that whole "Death in the Family" storyline and that sealed Jason's fate.
  4. :werd: and what a stupid way to kill him.
    betrayed by his mother (whom he just met) who just happend to work for the joker, who just happend to be in the middle east for some undeniably stupid reason and who leaves him to die in some horrendously cliche' ("i'll assume the bomb is going to kill him" ((which it surprisingly did)) and walk away situation)

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