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  1. so I want to grab the IP address of the host a small app is running on. only problem is, I don't see how one specifies WHICH ethernet interface, if you're running multiple interfaces ... I see where I can grab my hostname then get all IPs by hostname, I suppose I could then ignore all 192. and 10. addresses to determine my external IP, but I'd have to think there'd be a smarter solution ...
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    use to get an enumeration of all interfaces on the host, then for each interface in the enum get the InetAddresses using

    how to determine what you think is a valid address is up to you.
  4. so it sounds like, like I said, I have to grab all and rule out those I know to be internal ... there's no better way than full enumeration? there's no way to specify getNetworkInterface("eth0") or something handy and direct like that?
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    Check the APIs. There certainly could be something like that.
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    What he said...


    public static Enumeration getNetworkInterfaces()
    throws SocketException
    Returns all the interfaces on this machine. Returns null if no network interfaces could be found on this machine. NOTE: can use getNetworkInterfaces()+getInetAddresses() to obtain all IP addresses for this node

    an Enumeration of NetworkInterfaces found on this machine
    SocketException - if an I/O error occurs.

    And about detirmining the real address, you could start by eliminating all the ones that are in the subnet...

    But, if they are using a router, the real IP is not going to be on their machine at all..
  7. hehe thanks for repeating what I said intially :p I have to get all, as I already knew, and rule out my internals, as I planned. :fawk:

    but thanks for the input.

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