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    can someone post a list or a link to what all the model numbers for the jeep vehicles? like CJ, YJ, TJ...i know some of them but not all of them

    if nobody can post a list or link, does anydboy know what the 1980 cherokee's were classified as?
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    Not sure about a link, but here are the model codes off the top of my head....

    99-03 Grand Cherokee- WJ
    Beginning of Grand model-98 ZJ
    Cherokee- XJ
    Liberty- KJ
    87-95 Wrangler- YJ
    97-up Wrangler- TJ
    Fullsize Cherokee -FSJ
    Various CJ models- CJ
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    AJ Prototype military jeep from about 1950. AJ probably stood for "Advanced Jeep".
    BRC-40 The second series of Bantom prototypes. Built in 1941.
    BRC-60 aka-The MARK II, the first seriers of Bantom prototypes. Built 1940-41.
    C-101 The Jeepster Commando. Built from 1966-71.
    C-104 The second incarnation of the Commando, built in 1972-73 after AMC acquired Jeep.
    CJ For "Civilian Jeep", built from 1944-86. Aka the "junior" line.
    CJ-1 The first few prototype civilian jeeps in early 1944.
    CJ-2 The second batch of prototype CJ's. Built in 1944-45.
    CJ-2A aka-"Flatfender", the first production CJ, built from 1945 and into 1949.
    CJ-3A Built 1949-1953
    CJ-3B The "high hood" flatfender. Built 1953-1968.
    CJ-4 A prototype vehicle that led to the CJ-5. Built 1950 or 1951.
    CJ-5 aka "round fender", built 1955-1983.
    CJ-6 A long wheelbase variant of the CJ-5. Built 1955-1976 for domestic use and to 1981 for export.
    CJ-7 A longer version of the CJ-5 with doors and more comfort. Built 1976-1986.
    CJ-8 aka "scrambler" A long wheelbase variant of the CJ-7, built 1981-1986.
    CJ-10 An export truck that resembled a CJ. Built 1982-1985.
    DJ The 4x2 "Dispatcher". Built in several versions from 1956.
    FC For "Forward Control". Cab-over trucks built 1957-1965.
    FJ The "Fleet Van" 4x2 truck. Built from 1961.
    GP The Ford prototypes that followed the "Pygmy". G=Government contract, P=80 inch Reconniaissance car. Built only in 1941.
    GPA The Ford built amphibious jeep. G=Government contract, P=80 inch wheelbase, A=Amphibian. Built 1942-43.
    GPW The Ford built World War II jeep built to the Willys design. G=Government contract , P=80 inch Reconniassance car, W=Willys pattern. Built 1942-45.
    MA The Willys prototypes that followedthe "Quad". M=Military contract, A=series Built only in 1941.
    MB Standard Willys quarter-ton jeep of World War II. M=Military contract, B=series. Built 1942-1945.
    MC The first post-World War II military variant of the jeep. Aka-the M-38. M=Military contract, C=series. Built 1950-1955.
    MD The second major offshoot of the original jeep and the basis for the CJ-5, aka- M38A1. M=Military contract, D=series. Built most years from 1952-1971, though many of the later production rigs went to foreign markets.
    MDA The long-wheelbase version of the MD, known as the M-170. These rigs were built in small numbers as needed from 1954-1967.
    MJ The pickup variant of the XJ Cherokee. Built 1986-1992.
    SJ The Wagoneer SUV or Gladiator (J-Series) pickup. Aka-the "Senior" line, or as "Big Jeeps". Wagoneers were built 1963-1991, and trucks 1963-1987.
    TJ The latest coil-sprung Wrangler variant introduced in 1997 and still in production.
    VJ The first Jeepster. Built 1949-1950.
    WJ The newest Grand Cherokee debuting in 1999.
    XJ The mid-sized Cherokee line introduced in 1984 and still in production.
    YJ The Wrangler. Built 1987-1995.
    ZJ The Grand Cherokee line, built 1993-1998
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    oops XJ is no longer in production though....

    80 cherokee is an SJ though if thats not clear
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    Holy yikes. Very sweet. :cool:
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    thanks dude...really only needed to know bout the SJ but the others are appreciated
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    thats ok its saved on my CPU... i just cut and pasted :big grin:

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