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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by BombThreat, Dec 25, 2003.

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    Firstly I don't know anything about car audio...Im starting to venture into it as I need a system for my 91' Wrangler (w/ a 93' tub). I was wondering if you guys could give me any tips/suggestions and types of speakers and a head unit to buy. What im really looking for is a nice clear rich sounding system... But I dont want to invest a $1000 in it, something more along the lines of $600 give or take a few bucks. I dont need those 12" subs you seen in every other 18 y/o goof... :rolleyes: Thanks :)

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    Just brother has a Wrangler ('91 as well i believe) and there really isn't much of a point in putting a system in it because of how loud it is. Now, he doesn't have the hard top, which i imagine is quieter, but the rag tops are extremely loud. They're also a target for keep that in mind.

    Do you have a soundbar on yours? or just the stock locations up front?
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    With the hardtop on, you can expect reasonable levels of bass by putting 5.25 speakers in the soundbar. But at higher volumes and if you want that "rich" sound with the top off, you are going to need a subwoofer. I would say to spend around 150 or so on a cd player headunit, and then another 200 or so on a pair of speakers, and then another 150 or so on a 2 channel amplifier to power them. Spend the rest on the install. Then later on if the bass isnt good enough, you could add a subwoofer.
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    It's going to be hard to get very good sound quality out of the wrangler because in an open cabin like that, you're going to get a lot of road noise and such. Not saying you can't get any SQ out of it, but its going to be an acheivement if you do. Make sure you get something that is capable of getting loud because road noise are a pain in the butt, even with regular cars!
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    If you need a CD player in a Wrangler, then the most bottom line player from any quality brand with a detachable face is what I would recommend. Same goes for speakers. Only spend what you can afford to possibly lose.

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