Jeremy Dewitte - Serial Police Impersonator in Central FL


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Feb 22, 2005
we see this one yet?

This had to be the greatest day of his life. At the very least he left like

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Chuck Finley

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May 1, 2002
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One of the reddit comments summarizes it pretty well:

"That is an awesome deal for the citizens of Florida. When you read the stipulations and conditions he is/will be under, it cuts to the very heart of what Jeremy's problem is. He can not only not have a gun, or a pepper ball gun, he can't have anything that even resembles one. I'd say a squirt gun fits in that category. So sorry, no supersoaker, Jeremy. Likewise, no duty belts, no insignia, etc. Further, no cars with strobes, there goes his construction or flag-car jobs. I'd say he better check with his P.O. to be sure it's okay, before he even puts a fast food nametag on that says: "Hi, I'm Jeremy, have it your way!" on his shirt. In the house at 8PM, until 6AM. With an ankle monitor. No motorcycles for four years at least. On and on it goes. Ol' bitch-tits will either walk the straight and narrow, or else he will be going down hard: they did decide to charge him as a habitual offender for a couple of counts, just to be sure he knows all of his chips have been played -- he screws up from here on, it's major time in the big-boy slammer. The boy can't even *mention* Metro State in future; no war stories, or blogging about his past glory. That will drive him insane. He's not even allowed to handle, much less sell his own memorabilia -- it has to go through a third party. They then went out of their way to make sure he had to acknowledge in writing that he never had the authority to take more than one lane, to direct traffic, or "facilitate" movement by speeding, crossing double yellow, entering on red, or any of the myriad infractions dipshit did all day every day under the claim he was allowed to do so by Florida Statute. They did everything but make him "repeat after me out loud with your right hand raised: 'I am not a state certified agent of anything!'" LOL And of course, they made it clear that his nolo plea does NOT mean he can claim he was not guilty; that he does in fact acknowledge in writing, and sign the fact that he IS guilty as charged.

Not to add fuel to the fire, but this is NOT a universal plea of 18 months full stop as one troll had it figured from their inside whisper. He only got one tiny piece of it correct. This is two overtly and distinctly separate actions; one being 18 months on a set of charges, and the other being an amazingly restrictive, and quite extended period of being under the state's closest watch and control, on a completely separate set of charges. It is in no way predicated on, nor linked to, his other 'deal'. The only connection is that the 18 months will run concurrent; which is business-as-usual for this type of situation (though I wish that it weren't). Spit on the sidewalk wrong Jeremy, and you'll be doing 10 years hard time with no possibility of gain time or early release. That means if he violates conditions the day he gets out, he would be guaranteed to end up a 53 year old multiple felon institutionalized con sex offender, with zero prospects for employment or a meaningful life.

"A little vacation to get into shape"? Tell yourself that Jeremy, if that's what it takes to get you through it. But mind your P's and Q's, boy. You are literally expending your last chance to see daylight and have any sort of normal life in future. If it's at all within you, I'd straighten up and fly right starting today! Looking at the hour-long, head-shaking ride-of-denial that you exhibited in the Cone-mobile(r), I'd say the prospect of you doing that is close to nil."

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