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Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by ShadyUpInSmoke, Dec 8, 2002.

  1. 97 sea doo XP


    98 or 99 sea doo XP


    the difference between the 97 and the 98 and newer besides graphics is the engine - 787 CC rotax in the 97, 951 rotax in the 98 and newer. problem is the 98 and 99 were notorious for water leaking into the engine...and that wouldnt be good. the 98 and newer does about 65 on radar, the 97 does about 60. nothing some flame arrestors cant fix :big grin:

    sea doo RX


    a bit more pricey, but has the potential to easily become a 70+ MPH ski

    i also like ultra 150's...


    but dammit those fockers are expensive. any other recommendations? im lookin' for a fast, bad ass lookin' ski that jumps pretty good and handles real good...NO 3 SEATERS!!!!!!

    im gonna buy a new one in the spring after i sell my kawi - i know a guy with a 99 XP that had it for sale all of last summer....hes gotta be desperate by now - i could probably get it cheap :bigthumb:
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    I dont know much about the XP's, but I have a 99 SPX that I bought new and its more machine than I can handle sometimes. It definently goes faster than I like to go in anything but the smoothest conditions, and accelerates like a rocket. Ive lost it at least 100 times this year and nothing has broken. its been sunk, run over by other skis, used in fresh, salt, brackish, and its done alot better than some of the other skis ive owned in the past.

    However, It will probably be sold in the spring for a new Honda Aquatrax F12X turbo 4-stroke.
  3. nice ski, i love those.

    pic of teh SPX?

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