JL 10" in a truk?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by hessay!, Apr 19, 2004.

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    my brother hooked me up with a JL 10" and a Road Gear RGCA 100 2 channel 80 watt amp. being the audio noob that i am, i dont know whether or not to believe my brother when he says it will "sound good" in my 01 ranger EDGE. my truck is still factory so i really want to know if it will work, the only thing i would have to buy is maybe a custom box(its already in a good one) and the wiring.
    thanks for any help
  2. 04

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    You might want to look into a new amplifier. Road Gear isnt exactly a quality brand. I wouldnt expect your system to get all that loud with that small of an amplifier.
  3. hessay!

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    i didnt think it would be that great, but how do you think it would sound? might i need at least a 100 to 200 watt amp?
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    Yeah it would probably sound fine, until you turned it up and tried to play it loud. The amplifier would most likely crap out before the woofer does.
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    appreciate it. what kind of quality amp should i look for? price range?
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    Dec 28, 2001
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    hey. I got the same amp too, except mine is the 20x2w amp. Takes all the beating i give it, except it doesn't like it when i give it anything over 2v of input voltage. hahahaha

    No LPF either, so i had to make my own passive for the sub (1 channel for sub, other channel for speakers wired in series).

    what quality amp should u look for? what price range? that would depend on you.

    1. What kind of price range are you willing to dish out?
    2. What subwoofer do you have right now (model number).
    3. are you ok with buying used?

    if you answer "yes" to number 3, then you can just hit me up on AIM (quackquack2x). lol.

    seriously, I may have found the amp that isn't crappy for your situation. lol! :)

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