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Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by purpledonkey, Mar 11, 2005.

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    So I am trying to get rid of my ride and I hit the Chevy dealership because I thinking of getting a Z71 Tahoe/Sub/Av. As we are looking around, I'm telling the guy everything I want done and he is like "You know, we got this Joe Gibbs Tahoe in the front". My ears perked and we scampered off to the front to see this GORGEOUS completely blacked out Joe Gibbs Tahoe. I damn near nutted myself.

    The body work on this thing is sexy. New front facia, side skirts, even the back looks better. The JG wheels really set it off. They gave it to me for the day to drive it around and let me say right off...

    The supercharger+exhaust rocked my socks. 400hp/425ft/lbs. I surprised quite a few people with more than just this trucks EXCELLENT looks.

    Too bad they can't give me a decent trade in for my car. Guess I get to wait until May and just order one from Joe Gibbs (if I don't talk myself out of it first, for the same price I can get a QX56 Infniti or an Armada and drop 10k into something else).

    Anyway, I loved it. :wiggle:

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