LGBT Jude Law Revisits His Gay Side....

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    I just saw this...

    Jude Law never disappoints in fulfilling the prurient interests of his gay male fans. After appearing as rough trade in "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" and as the beautiful Bosie in "Wilde," it's no wonder he has a queer following. That following will be happy to know that he'll be playing Sebastian Flyte in the film remake of "Brideshead Revisited." Based on Evelyn Waugh's novel, which was made into a 1981 miniseries, "Brideshead" is the story of Charles Ryder (to be played in the film by "A Beautiful Mind's" Paul Bettany), an aspiring painter in the 1920s who becomes involved with both the aristocratic, beautiful Julia Flyte (Oscar winner Jennifer Connelly, who's married to Bettany in real life) and her gay brother, Sebastian. The film begins shooting this fall. Lustful anglophiles, start your engines.

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